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5 Benefits of CSA Membership

Have you considered purchasing a CSA share, but aren't quite sure whether it would be worth it? I'll say right up front that CSA membership isn't for everyone and every family. There are a few (I think just 3) almost non-negotiable requirements for potential CSA members: you like to cook, you like to eat vegetables, and you are cool with someone else picking out your veggies for you. If you are on board with those three, then read on for some of the awesome benefits of CSA membership!

1) It guarantees that you’ll be eating your veggies and all the awesome health benefits that go along with that

Do you want to incorporate more veggies in your diet, but have trouble making it happen? CSA membership is an awesome way to ensure that you’ll eat more super nutritious vegetables. You won’t want your high-quality local veggies to go to waste, so once you start receiving them in your shares you will eat them. People that eat more vegetables have a much lower risk for heart disease (1), diabetes (2), and cancer (1), not to mention that they just plain feel better most of the time! We aim to incorporate a nice variety of different types and varieties of vegetables, which means you’ll be eating a rainbow of foods and then different vitamins and minerals that go along with those colors.

2) It's a great value for your money

CSA members make an investment in a farm and receive a return on that investment with bonus veggies when crops are abundant. Many farms also have special events for members, like our seasonal potluck dinners.

3) It take the guesswork out of shopping for produce and helps with your menu planning

If you are like me, you may enjoy cooking but sometimes struggle to plan menus and pick out the foods you want to cook. One of the secret benefits of CSA membership is that it takes the burden of choosing what to buy (and often what to cook) off of you. You receive a portion of what’s ready to pick on the farm, so no more struggling to make decisions about what to buy. We also provide recipes in a weekly newsletter that incorporate many of the vegetables you’ll see in your shares.

4) You may discover your new favorite vegetable

While we aim to include lots of the vegetables you are familiar with and love, at some point in the season you’ll probably find yourself staring at something you’ve never seen or never tried before. And you may just find that you really like it! I had this experience with brussels sprouts when Steve and I were first-time CSA members and now I count them among my most favorite vegetables!

5) You are part of something bigger than a bag of vegetables

When you become a member of a farm you become part of a bigger community of people that are searching for something better. Food that tastes better than anything you’ve ever cooked with. Farming practices that heal and restore the land, rather than exploiting it. Supporting a small family business in your own community. Gathering with others who are committed to their own health and the health of their communities. It is truly an awesome thing and we are so honored to do this work with your support.

  1. Hung, H.C., et al., Fruit and vegetable intake and risk of major chronic disease. J Natl Cancer Inst, 2004. 96(21): p. 1577-84.

  2. Bazzano, L.A., et al., Intake of fruit, vegetables, and fruit juices and risk of diabetes in women. Diabetes Care, 2008. 31(7): p. 1311-7.

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