What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  We ask for your finacial support in the early months of the year, so that we can cover the cost of the seeds, supplies, and equipment we need to produce the amazing produce you'll receive when our season gets rolling.  Since you make this investment in our farm, we provide you with a return on your investment in the form of bonus veggies when crops are producing abundantly, a weekly newsletter and recipes from a local chef.  When you purchase a share of vegetables from our farm, you become a member of our farm community.  You'll get super-fresh, top quality, local vegetables and so much more!  

2020 shares are sold out.  Click here to sign up for our waitlist!

2020 Share Options:

We offer one share size that is equivalent to $20-21 per week of super-fresh, super-local veggies.  You can choose a weekly share or a half biweekly share in either our Traditional or Customizable format.  Here are the details:

  • Our season starts the week of May 4th and ends on November 14th, for a total of 26 shares (13 for half shares).  This includes a mid-season two-week break from shares from August 4th-15th.   

  • Full shares are weekly, Half shares are biweekly.  'A' group half shares begin the week of May 4th.  'B' group half shares begin the week of May 11th                                                                                                                               

  • Traditional shares will receive 5-8 different types of freshly harvested vegetables chosen by your farmers.  You'll receive lots of your favorite vegetables, with a few new things to try too.  It's our priority to provide well-balanced shares that you can easily use.  You never have to worry about getting a whole share of zucchini!  This share type is great for folks who love to cook and try new things.

  • Customizable shares will receive the same traditional default share, but have the option to swap out veggies that they don't prefer for something else that we are harvesting that week.  This is done simply in an online store format that lists all of the items available fresh each week.  These shares cost a little bit more than our traditional shares due to the extra logistics involved with customization, but many members feel that the benefit is well worth it.                                                                                


Share Pick-Up Days and Locations

City                                                               Location                                                               Day and Time

Independence/Ryland Heights            Rains & Sun Hilltop Farm                              Tues or Thurs



Independence                                            Courthouse Square, Farmers' Market        Sat (8:30am-1pm)


Park Hills                                                    Rothert House, Devou Park                           Thurs (4-8pm)


Villa Hills                                                    Kurtzner House                                                 Tues (4-8pm)

Florence                                                      Case-Compton House                                       Tues (4:30-8pm)

Ft. Thomas                                                  Ft. Thomas Farmers' Market                        Wed (3-7pm)

Share Delivery Option

County                                         Day and Time

Kenton                                         Tues or Thurs (3-6pm)


Boone                                           Tues (3-6pm)

Campbell                                     Thurs (3-6pm)


We are excited to be offering share delivery this year!  This service is available for $3.25/share.   We may also include some areas of Cincinnati in our delivery schedule if we get enough interest, so please let us know if you'd like delivery across the river!

Click here to sign up our CSA waitlist!

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