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Seedlings for your home garden

Our seedlings are grown with the same high quality organic potting mix that we use for our own transplants. The plants are not certified organic yet (we are pursuing certification this year), but are grown using certified organic seeds and potting mix. They will be ready to be picked up from the farm in Independence, KY and planted in your garden in April or May depending on whether you select cool or warm season crops.

Ordering Information

*Order deadline of March 10th

*All plants must be picked up from the farm in Independence, KY

*You may select any combination of plants you wish (all different, all the same or anything in between) but your total order must be divisible by six (i.e. 12, 18, etc.), for both cool & warm season orders

*Our minimum order is 6 plants if ordering by the 6-pack, 2 plants if ordering 4-inch pots

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